European Transports and national road trasport services are Dissegna Marcello’s core business activity.

However, air pollution is, today, a pressing problem, especially concerning for the transport industry: the transport industry is, in fact, the only economic sector in Europe where air-pollutant emissions have increased by 19% since 1990 (source: AEA – European Environment Agency).

Always committed to offer the highest quality in European transports, Dissegna Marcello pays the utmost attention to environmental protection; the Company has, to this end, invested in upgrading its vehicle fleet so that it  meets the most “greener” requirements of a low environmental impact, with all trucks complying to Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.

With the same goal of reaching  “greener” transport solutions, the Company uses the “dynafleet” monitoring system, installed on each truck, that allows the analysis of fuel consumption and of driving performance, to ensure a  more intelligent, more efficient and more environmentally friendly use of the vehicles.

Dissegna Marcello: working every day towards more efficient, faster and ecologically sustainable European transports.